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Oh No - Bounced Emails!

Emails sent to the ’73 Classmates listed below have "bounced back" and are not able to be delivered.

  • Abig, Eric
  • Becker (Granger), Betty
  • Dunham (Camerota), Lori
  • Fonk (Huber), Daisy
  • Germinaro, Gerdo
  • Gilliam (Mills), Wanda
  • Gunderson (Everts), Beverlee
  • King, Gerard
  • Manulik, Mary
  • Otto, Bruce
  • Paskiewicz (Gyurina), Janet
  • Shipman, Michael
  • Webb, Pamela
  • Zahn (Pobiecke), Janice

Here is the procedure for handling bounced emails:

1.  The Reunion Committee will attempt to contact the Classmates (via phone or at a different email address, if available) to inform them his/her email address is bouncing.

2.  When the Classmate logs into the website, a copy of the bounce notice will be displayed.

3.  The Classmate has the opportunity to enter an updated email address.  If the current email address is valid, the Classmate may opt to keep it in his/her profile.

4.  The Classmate must click the link provided to send a verification email (this is to be sure email is actually getting through now).

5.  The Classmate must receive the verification email and then click the link it contains.  Only then will the bounce back problem be resolved, once again allowing the Classmate to receive emails from the Bradford Class of 1973 website.

Important:  The Classmate must be involved in the solution.  Until the 5-step procedure outlined above is followed, no further messages or email may be sent through the Class of 1973 website to the Classmate.